What happens if two East Frisians get bored? – Mischief, that’s for sure! Or rather ‚Fiese Matenten‘ since the protagonists originate from a Low German area. But starting from scratch:

The beginning of this century: due to an unfortunate series of events, the scapegraces Simon Ringering and Lars Wiemken found themselves sharing a small flat in Hamburg. On their exhausting search for similarities in their leisure activities in order to loosen up the daily routine, they inevitably ended up with music: ‚let’s make some music! But without rehearsing…and singing…and so on…let’s make techno!‘ No sooner said than done!


Thanks to some failed bandprojects, Simon had already been experienced in recording self-proclaimed ‚productions of global influence‘ on Tascam 4-Tracker. As simple as it sounds: take a few beats of bass, some guitar, a Moog Prodigy – a number one hit is born! Too bad nobody else wanted to listen to it.

Since the age of seven, Lars on the other hand had indeed sometimes more, sometimes less ambitiously attempted to accomplish some skills playing the piano, especially when its usefulness in impressing the opposite sex dawned on him at the beginning of puberty. Unfortunately, his skills turned out to be not sufficient for an enduring success on the piano, so he substituted it with a synthesizer. Monotonous – that’ll go off all right. Henceforth, ambition has been reawakened: Cubase VST, turntables, a bunch of vinyls, the equipment for numerous gigs at drum and bass parties which have shaped his performance for ‚Fiese Matenten‘.

Musically Simon and Lars complement each other perfectly. According to the fact that Simon already had occupied himself with sample production for a long time, he supplies the characterising percussive elements of the duo’s sound. Lars adds the decisive amount of melody to it and hence establishes the musical level. The components have meshed together like a well- oiled gearbox and the tech-house machine has been set in motion. „Fiese Matenten“ provided the sound for some of Hamburg’s infamous grey area open air festivals and have played at various of the port city’s clubs.

On stage, Lars almost certainly is to be found behind the turntables while Simon takes care of the entertaining parts of the

show – no matter whether among the dancing crowd or on the tables, always doing ‚fiese Matenten‘. Basically, the concept is true to one principle: it has to be on fire. When ‚Fiese Matenten‘ put on their show, the mob is supposed to freak… and it does, again and again…